Mobile Shelving Systems

Mobile shelving, as can be understood from the name, is a moveable shelving system that allows an optimal use of the space available. A mobile shelf unit can be very easily and conveniently moved so that one aisle is always free while the specific spaces need to be set aside for the purpose of conventional shelving.

It is a set of shelving units mounted upon mobile bases which move along rails. Thereby guaranteeing optimal order and distribution of the archive and warehouse, as well as a better use of space.

The sliding door mechanism can be: manual, automatic or manual-mechanical.

Advantages of Mobile Shelving Systems:

  • Great use of space as it is a compact storage system.
  • Can be adapted to any available space.
  • Total safety of filed materials.
  • Ideal for the storage of all types of books and document.
  • When the shelves reach a high height, ways fitted half-way up enabling the upper levels to be accessed can be installed.
  • Highly efficient storage solutions
  • Extremely flexible operations