Joker Pipe Systems

As you know, by design, furniture is frame and panel. When it comes to the first option, it would not be logical to ignore the pipe, as the material for the frame. Indeed, at present, furniture made of pipes is a common thing. And the joker modular system is a universal solution for it. It is possible to produce furniture of various functionalities on the basis of this pipe system, and this process itself does not require a special tool.

The joker module assembly system in its pure form is most widely used in the field of commercial equipment – the creation of shop windows, the manufacture of shelving. And, on its basis it is possible to design cabinet furniture.

Advantages of Joker Pipe Systems:

  • Availability, widespread and quite affordable price;
  • Ease of assembly. To complete the work, you only need a set of hexagons and a grinder (or a hacksaw for metal);
  • Wide application possibilities. There is no reference to the geometry of the room, and strict standards of use. A huge selection of elements of the fastening system joker (more than 100 types!) Allows you to efficiently fit the equipment into the space of a commercial space of any shape;
  • Stylish appearance.