Drive In Racking Systems

Drive In Racking Systems

A Drive In compact racking system is one of the most popular industrial storage solutions in UAE, especially for homogenous products with many unit loads per reference. It is a high-density pallet storage system designed to maximize the cubic space available by minimizing the operating aisles needed for trucks.

Compact pallet racking systems enable excellent stock control in the warehouse, as each lane of the structure is exclusively for a product reference. The parallel aisles in this compact pallet racking system are generated inside the structure, where the forklifts circulate to load or unload the unit loads. The forklift handles the load at a height higher than the level at which it will be deposited and places it on the load support rails, located on both sides of each level.

The compact racking systems come in two types, with the Drive In compact racking system being the most common.  

Drive in pallet racking (LIFO – Last in, First out)

This is the most common compact racking system and only needs a single access aisle for the forklift. It uses the LIFO method, so the last load in is the first one out. Drive in compact racking is the most ideal industrial storage solution for warehouses with low material turnover.

Drive through pallet racking (FIFO – First in, First out)

This pallet racking solution requires two accesses, one on each side of the racking. It uses the FIFO method, as the first load in is the first one out. Because it allows access from both the front and rear sides, drive through pallet racking is an ideal industrial storage solution for high turnover products.

Advantages and features for Drive in Racking for pallets:

The main advantages of Drive in and Drive through pallet racking systems are their maximum compaction and optimization of space and perfect stock control.

  • Space optimization above 80%.
  • Low maintenance and low assembly costs make this system one of the most cost-effective systems.
  • Structure compatible with other storage systems.
  • Provides maximum performance, and utilization can be over 80% of the available space.
  • Enables clearly arranged logistics management with full control of inventories as well as traffic and service flow
  • Designed to allow for quick reconfiguration of the structure for extension or change as needed
  • Ideal for storing low-rotation loads of the same type
  • Eliminates the service aisles found with a conventional pallet racking system
  • Maximize storage floor and height
  • Easily assembled modular structure.
  • Trucks enter the system for loading.
  • Includes various accessories to increase safety.
  • Maximization of space
  • Products of the same type
  • Low stock rotation