Tire Racking Systems

One of the challenges garages, vehicle dealers, tires shops and warehouses have to deal with is finding an expandable warehouse shelving solution in UAE to store more units and accommodate spiking seasonal demands for tires. An organized high-density mobile tire racking system goes a long way in simplifying stocking, improving ease of access and reducing storage space for garages, vehicle dealers, tires shops and even warehouses. 

Proper maintenance of tires in a well-controlled environment is just as important when tires are off a vehicle. As a result, there is need for bespoke tire shelving solutions, tailored to your needs. At Rack and Key Technical Services, we offer customizable tire storage solutions in UAE that allow you to show your tires the best of care and ensure they don’t wear prematurely. 

Advantages of Tire Racking System:

  • 100% increase in storage capacity with the same square footage.
  • Tire racking system installations have a fast return on investment.
  • Unique and personalized tire storage systems with adjustable add-ons.
  • Optimal workplace safety by lowering the risk of harm caused by bending, lifting, and pulling.
  • Bring stored tires to an ergonomic and easily reachable height in a semi or fully mechanical system.
  • Minimize your tire storage and space allocation and inventory process and costs.
  • Better capability to house and sell a more diverse selection of products.