Long Span Shelving (Medium Duty)

Long span shelving systems are the ideal solution for manually storing small to medium-sized non-palletized products. The range of accessories and possible configurations allow this warehouse shelving system to be modulated and tailored to any type of goods.

Although long span shelving is a manually loaded system, it utilizes the full height of the facility. Higher levels are accessed using mechanical means (S/R cranes or order-picking trucks) or through walkways inside this warehouse shelving system. This makes long span shelving system in UAE and overseas popular, and rightfully so.

Advantages of the Long span Shelving storage system:

  • Strong: It is the most robust picking system in the market, enabling mezzanines and multi-tiers to be dimensioned on the shelving system itself.
  • High load capacity picking system
  • Agile: Long span shelving is easy to assemble and replace/add components.
  • Adaptable: Wide range of bays and shelf depths.
  • The medium duty shelving gives direct access to all unit loads stored and visualization of all products.
  • Easy adjustment of beam levels every 50 mm.
  • Steel or chipboard shelf panels.
  • A variety of accessories to suit any storage needs: dividers, garment hanging rails, wire mesh shelves, and more.
  • To maximize both floor and height space, mini load and narrow aisle installations and order-picking machines can be used in collaboration with this medium duty shelving systems.