Heavy Duty Racking Systems

Almost every organization needs to store its products in the warehouse or distribution or display units to exhibit products to its customers. However, heavy-duty shelving systems are the way to go when it comes to industrial storage systems in UAE. Heavy duty shelving can bear heavyweight loads of any magnitude within the margin of safety without any chance of collapsing.

The width of these heavy metal shelves is regularly in the range of 1200mm – 4000mm with the heights varying between 1500mm – 20000mm. The depths of the heavy-duty racking systems are mostly 450mm or even more to accommodate all the company’s warehouse racking needs. 

The exact size of a heavy-duty shelving is typically selected as per the sizes of the items to store, making them the ideal warehouse racking solutions in UAE.

Advantages of Heavy Duty Racking Systems

  • It can hold small industrial products to the heaviest inventory, making it the ideal industrial storage system for heavy duty warehouses.
  • Heavy duty racking systems can be adjusted with suitable material handling equipment to provide multi-row systems of up to 10 rows
  • It is a great space-saving shelving system and provides quick accessibility from both sides.
  • Heavy-duty racking systems help companies to store more products with higher safety.
  • A wide range of accessories available