Carpet Racking Systems

Carpet racking is a specialist form of pallet storage that is configured to enable efficient carpet roll storage and retrieval. It can also be used for other materials that are typically supplied in long rolls of various diameters.

Where other forms of commercial racking systems in UAE are usually designed for use with standard sized pallets, carpet roll storage racks provide the increased depth required to store carpet rolls, while enabling easy and efficient access to goods.

Carpet roll storage racks are created using standard frames and beams from an adjustable racking system, configured to allow for the increased depth required to store long rolls. Moreover, carpet racking systems can be installed in a range of configurations to allow access to goods from one or both ends as required. 

Positioning carpet racking systems in a back-to-back layout offer increased storage capacity, with access to aisles between each of the rows of two racks.

Advantages of Carpet Racking system:

Carpet storage racks can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of warehouse operators; from storage to managing long rolls. They offer a range of benefits including:

  • The ability for carpet racking beam levels to be adjusted to suit the size and type of rolls, maximizing the use of available height
  • Carpet Racking can be reconfigured as required to meet changing usage needs
  • Adapted forks can load rolls into the carpet roll storage racks ‘end-on’ to maximize stowing density
  • Carpet roll storage racks are suitable for a range of goods including fabric, vinyl, packaging and any other items on a roll.