Industrial Racking Systems

Heavy Duty Racking Systems
Heavy Duty Shelving System is ideal to store medium, heavy industrial and machinery items. It can bear any amount of heavyweights safely, without any chance of collapsing down.

Long Span Shelving (Medium Duty)
This system permits the manual storage of medium and small materials. This is a versatile racking that adapts to any type of unit load and facilitates direct and immediate access to stored items.

Tire Racking
A growing number of garages, vehicle dealers, tires shops and warehouses need to equip themselves with an organized high density mobile tire storage system. It is an industrial racking solution that allows the manual storage of tyres, with direct and immediate access to all the references stored.

Carpet Racking
Carpet racking is a specialist form of pallet racking that is configured to enable the efficient storage and retrieval of carpet, or other materials, that are typically supplied in long rolls of various diameters.

Cantilever Racking
A specialist commercial storage system designed to accommodate products that are long and heavy, typically within a warehouse environment.